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This is me rn 👀👀👀👀👀👀

Ugh, I can’t stand him for existing and turning me on with his weird ass face and sexy fucking mouth.  he can sing and he can act

I’m offended that no one told me  he can sing and he can act

You didn’t know? O M G. 

But, but, he’s Jimmy. He’s from the first generation of Degrassi reloaded.

And yea, for the longest time he looked like a nude colored q-tip, but then he was blessed with getting shot in the ass. Something about all that rollin around helped him puff up his chest a little bit cause Jimmy’s last two seasons were a golden time. 

I was a Spinner girl myself, but Jimmy had a solid grasp on my heart by the time he went to Amsterdam. We still don’t know if he can walk or not though so as far as I am concerned him and that white girl are livin it up in his chair and her crutches. 

all of this^ Jimmy YASS. His little crush on Ellie man. In my head Jimmy stem cell procedure worked because of his determination and work ethic.

i miss old degrassi 

Good God.

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Jin Jungsun and Hwang Dokyung for CosmopolitaN korea Oct 2012 by Shin Seonhye